How relevant are digitalization,
Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things in challenging corporate situations?

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When companies find themselves in challenging corporate or financial situations, their management is constantly focused on the day-to-day business and acute questions drain the available resources. The lack of focus on strategic aspects – this is particularly the case where the impact of increasing digitalization is concerned – is an additional threat to the sustainability of the business model.

We are convinced that the digital revolution is not just a catchword or a temporary trend. The digital transformation should not be neglected in challenging situations because it effects every industry, sector, and company department. It is precisely in the context of restructuring – where it comes down to creating and developing resilient sustainability concepts – that the effects of digitalization and its resulting demands on the company have to be clearly defined and accounted for.

How do we deal with it?
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Relevance & Scope

Digitalization is having an ever-increasing effect on all industries and business sectors. It is not a temporary trend and it is increasing the competitive intensity on a global and sustainable scale. The speed of the digital transformation is already leading to disruptive market developments: it is fundamentally changing the parameters of business practice in a multitude of industries. Tried and trued models of success – even longstanding strategic concepts – are no longer effective.

It is this scope that makes it paramount for companies in transitional phases to react as quickly as possible with an appropriate strategy so that they can effectively utilize their chances and potentials.

The evaluation of the impact and the corresponding development of effective measures begins with an understanding of the scope of digitalization, a concept that is still seen as a ‘black box’ by many decision-makers.

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eMaturity & Competition

Today’s practice has shown that the willingness and capacity of a company to face the topic of digitalization varies widely. The eMaturity of companies can be divided into four stages depending on the definition and implementation of specific digitalization approaches.

Where does you company stand today?

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Restructuring & Digitalization

Due to its high – and increasing – scope, we see digitalization as a relevant field of analysis in our restructuring projects for a sustainably successful realignment. The derivation of concrete measures requires a critical assessment of the digital status quo.

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