eMaturity & Competition

Different implementation speeds have crystallized as companies realize new potentials: Practice has shown that the willingness and capability of companies to address the topic of digitalization vary significantly.

There are four different stages of eMaturity, depending on the definition and implementation of targeted digitalization approaches:


have advanced the topic from the beginning (e.g. through research collaborations) and are actively shaping its future development

Author and driving force of digitalization


Early adopters

were affected early on by the consequences of digitalization and have already transformed essential processes

Digitalization is standard practice for the majority of the company

Frühe Beginner

Market observers

have recognized the disruptive changes and are working on solutions

first steps in implementation


Late adopters

have recognized the digitalization trend with interest and skepticism – no adequate solutions

partially conceived and insulated IoT approaches


Given the fact that the potential for productivity increases has been largely exhausted at a time where wage levels are rising, the development and implementation of a digitization strategy is of increasing relevance for German companies looking to maintain their competitiveness.

While strategic approaches such as internationalization, efficiency improvement and cost reduction only essentially affect partial areas of the value chain, digitization requires a holistic view of the business model and processes.

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